Encoding Is Remembering

Chinese used to be one of the hardest languages to learn for one simple reason–it’s a HUGE memorization project. The samples below show how Encoding brings this problem under control. Each of the simple images here contains everything you need to know about one Chinese word. Check it out.

What people say about Encoding Chinese

In one month and a half I’ve been able to learn over 270 characters! I never thought I’d be able to not only recognize but also write that many!
It has also helped with my pronunciation of the Chinese syllables. Although pinyin is wonderful, the spelling of some syllables really threw me off. But now that I have a character for those syllables it is easier to pronounce the words correctly. It’s not just my progress that gives me motivation to keep using this method to study, it’s just a fun way to study! My goal is a hour a day, but time goes by so fast while studying that I’m always trying to find more time in the day to make just one more story for a character and then maybe just one more :) !


R.L’s system is the most creative and comprehensive method I’ve seen for studying Chinese characters. As an adult learning Chinese, I have struggled to retain newly learned characters over time. The “Encoding” method showed me how to store characters in long term memory using proven mnemonic methods and a clever system for breaking characters up into simpler images. I now keep his book on my desk as a reference whenever I need to learn a new word.Highly recommended!


Encoding Chinese method has truly been a priceless treasure in helping me learn this very difficult language. Within a short period of time I have been able to recognize and read many characters!
Honestly, before this method, I didn’t enjoy the thought of learning hundreds and hundreds of characters. But now I look forward to my study sessions because this method makes it fun!You use your creativity and imagination in an enjoyable way that makes the components of each character come alive. It also effectively locks the meaning and tone in your memory.
This method is by far my favorite way of learning Chinese.
Thank you!


In my first week of using the encoding method, I learned 50 characters.
I have been using this method along with my Chinese classes for nine weeks now and can recognize, write, and properly pronounce over 400 characters.

The whole idea is for the components to form ideas that will be easy to remember, and this method lets you customize your manner of remembering to yourself.


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