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HSK 1-6

This is the complete list of the Chinese Ministry of Education’s official language proficiency test. Gives the words by group level. First page also includes a description of the different test levels and how many words each one covers. List contains 5003 words total.
2.7mb PDF
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Writing Practice Sheet

This is a single page printout of blank squares for character writing practice. 164 squares.
80kb PDF
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EC Flashcard Blank

This is a one-page printout of 10 blank, business card sized flashcards with cutout lines. If you have a pdf editor you can add content before printing or you can just hand write whatever you need on the blanks after printing.
856kb PDF
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How to Write Chinese Characters

This is a 12 page document with a lot of details on how to write characters and 7 pages of stroke order examples.
714kb PDF
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Recommended Resources

Basic Grammar Book

This is the book we use and have found it to be useful, clear, and accurate. You shouldn’t need much more grammar education than this.
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Pleco Electronic Dictionary

In our opinion, this is the best electronic dictionary available today. Includes many very useful features, including multi-dictionary lookup, optical character recognition, handwriting recognition, pinyin with tone marks, example sentences, and pretty much everything else we recommend in a good dictionary. Available for the Apple and Android platforms.
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Top 10 Mistakes Made by Chinese Learners

As the title suggestes, this book highlights ten mistakes that people commonly make. I like this book because the mistakes it highlights are things that are used in almost every sentence you will say. This can boost your Chinese speaking ability dramatically, especially if you are a new learner. Sentences in English, characters, and pinyin with tone marks. Can’t go wrong for the price.
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100 Chinese Core Sentence Patterns

Besides being a great way to learn a bunch of sentence structures, this book also has great vocab/phrases. These can be used as a base for use with the ULG (Universal Language Generator) sentence and grammar practice TESOL method. Sentences in English, characters, and pinyin with tone marks.
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Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

International bestseller by Josh Foer. Chronicles his road from journalist covering memory competitions to becoming a memory champion and what he learned about memory, encoding, and the mind along the way. A great read, and reinforces the facts about the value of memory techniques.
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You Can Have An Amazing Memory: Learn Life-Changing Techniques and Tips from the Memory Maestro

Dominic O’Brien was 8 times World Memory Champion. This book was the original inspiration behind Encoding Chinese. It outlines clearly the memory techniques used by memory professionals everywhere. If you’re not sure that these methods really work, this book will convince you.
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